The unique TCQ nanomolecular ionic technology used in our biochemically engineered formulations ensure beautiful effects on all hair types and textures.

Unlike ordinary cream or liquid treatments, NANOMAX treatments have to be turned into a mist by a specially designed electronic Microsystem and then applied to the hair with special ceramic brushes. This incredibly fine and powerful penetrating mist infuses tiny nanomolecules (particles so small you could fit millions on to a pin-head!) into the hair structure to heal, repair, strengthen, protect and shine.

So, now your hair can be just how nature intended beautifully soft, shiny and healthy!


Hairdressers will tell you that hair is made from the combination of a complex natural protein called keratin, and moisture.

In normal healthy hair, keratin accounts for about 90% of the structure and moisture the remaining 10%. Keratin is principally responsible for the hair's strength and resistance to general wear, while moisture is mostly responsible for its elasticity, flexibility, softness and manageability.

The correct balance of protein and moisture is essential for healthy, shiny hair. Unfortunately, hair keratin is damaged and moisture can be depleted by straighteners, colours, perms, blow-drying, the sun, pollution, pool chemicals and even everyday wear and tear, like brushing.

The damage can make the hair feel coarse, look out of condition and become difficult to manage and style. Under an electron microscope this damage can be recognised in the form of cracks, splits and craters in the hair, as can be seen in this highly magnified hair strand.

Suitable for heat damaged hair (especially by straighteners), to reverse normal everyday wear and tear and also for chemically-treated hair in good condition, repair is designed to work mostly on the outside protective layers of each hair shaft, called the cuticle.
When the repair mist makes contact with the hair surface, keratin nanomolecules immediately search out damaged areas by cationic electron attraction, filling in any cracks or craters. The nanomolecules are then locked into the hair structure with another mist, for permanent repair.
The hair surface becomes smoother with ionic cuticle positioning, reflecting light more efficiently and producing a beautiful shine

Suitable for more serious damage caused by colour, bleach and other chemicals, as well as very weak natural hair, intensive works on the outside cuticle layers and the more complex inner hair structure.
The intensive mist carries incredibly concentrated, positively charged nanomolecules of keratin protein to the hair.
Cationic attraction allows them to repair surface damage as well as penetrate the cuticle and repair the deeper layers of the hair, known as the cortex. Permanent repair is achieved when a second nanomolecular mist seals them into place, copying nature's recipe for perfect hair.
The smoother, repaired cuticle layers are ionically positioned for maximum light reflection and a superb shine.

Suitable for naturally dry, frizzy or dehydrated hair, hydrate increases the moisture levels in abnormally dry areas of the inner and outer layers of the hair shaft.

The hydrate mist contains nanomolecular moisture-capturing particles that seek out and bond themselves to dry areas using cationic (magnetic-like) attraction. The particles help to restore the correct moisture balance of the internal hair structure.

Once in place, these tiny particles are locked in with a different mist, completing permanent repair. And with an ionically repaired and positioned cuticle surface, the hair reflects more light and radiates a lovely natural shine.

Colour Lock

Seals and protects all coloured hair. Over the course of time, colour molecules deposited in the hair tend to wash out and are affected by light - both actions reduce the intensity of colour in the hair, causing colour fade.

This is even more evident in red shades, because the red colour molecules are larger and are not able to penetrate the inner hair structure as easily as other colours.

When colourlock is applied to the hair with the Microsystem, it ionically positions the cuticle layers, sealing in and protecting a higher concentration of colour.

This makes the colour appear more vibrant and helps to prevent colour fade by up to an amazing 49%!

Apart from longer-lasting colour, a smoother hair surface means a gorgeous shine

3 D shine
Great shine for all hair types and textures, 3D shine gives an instant deep, intense shine that smooths and at the same time helps prevent frizz with its anti-humidity ingredients.

Positively-charged nanoparticles encapsulated in the Microsystem 3D shine mist ionically position and protect the cuticle layers, helping to prevent harmful UV damage.


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